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Anders Hagberg / Ahmad Al Khatib
Melodic Melange
A melange of two cultures, Arabic maqam and Nordic jazz.
Anders Jormin & Christian Jormin
Highly praised duo improvises on folkloric style compositions.
Joona Toivanen solo
Toivanen explores new ground with a prepared piano and multiple layers.
Stefan Forssén
Solarna Dansar
Onkel Stefan with friends is back with new, sensible and subtle songs.
Silent Folk
Groupa excels in the joy of expanding to new musical dimensions.
Karlsson Barock
Baroque music played with fire and blood by the amazing Karlsson Barock.
Martin Bagge & Trio Isagel
Vägen ut
"...every track deserves to be a classic..." (Martin Nyström, DN)
Tetra with friends
Viv tolerans
From the crossroads of joy and mourning, where the essence of life is born.

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